Bill Henderson, noted author and historian, teams up with Jersey NameFrame for a unique, historical product you will treasure

We believe strongly that everyone should be able to afford professional quality framed jersey lettering, and we are doing our best to provide that for you. It’s very simple really...
Your Name + Your Number + Your Colors + Your Frame
Each custom Jersey NameFrame is professionally stitched with the highest standards and provided to you as a 16x20 swatch for you to put into any frame.

With your purchase of a Bill Henderson Series Jersey NameFrame your lettering will be researched, laid out and cut by Bill Henderson, author of the industry reference  Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys, now in its seventh edition. Your Jersey NameFrame will also include a letter signed by Henderson with the history of the lettering pattern used on your custom order. (Frame not included)


With a personal collection of over 1000 authentic and game worn jerseys, and access to thousands more as a researcher and authenticator, Bill Henderson has recreated the hundreds of unique individual team player name and number fonts used year-to-year by each of the 32 MLB teams (counting the Expos and Senators) going back to 1970 and some, earlier. This research resides in the Baseball Hall of Fame library in Cooperstown, NY as a part of its permanent collection.



Prior to the days of computer graphics, team patterns were created by hand and were often replicated crudely, using hand-drawn lettering and cut using tracings, or pinpoint holes dusted over fabric with talcum powder.  While many used the large uniform makers as their preferred vendor, most also had local tailors as well.  There was no such thing as a “standard size” of lettering, or even standard thicknesses of outlines. Every team did things differently. Player names used dozens of variations on letter sets, and every team had its own way of arching the lettering before sewing it on the jersey.  Dozens of color of twill were used. There is no such thing as a simple “Red” or “Blue”. Every one has a name, and every one is cataloged by Henderson.




Our commitment to your satisfaction:


Upon receiving your order, Bill will create a proof of your unique design and we will email it to you for your approval. You’ll be able to see how your Jersey NameFrame will look when sewn, before we even pick up a needle and thread. Once you have approved the design, we will begin work to create your Jersey NameFrame.



Each Bill Henderson Series Jersey NameFrame will be sewn onto a white double knit fabric (more colors may be available upon request) and will be shipped to you in 3-5 weeks in a protective sleeve and ready to be put into your 16 x 20 sized frame.




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